6 Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Can Do Right Now

6 Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Can Do Right Now

Your garage door will perform at its best and last the longest if you follow a few simple steps at regular intervals. The monthly checks will ensure there is no added stress to the opener, and annual lubrication will keep your garage door opening and closing smoothly. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable with a step, consult your owner’s manual or give us a call.

Once a Month

Visual Inspection

Look at the hardware for your garage door for signs of wear. Check the springs, pulleys, rollers, cables, seals, and panels. If you see any cracked, damaged, or missing parts, call a technician to repair or replace them.

Test Balance and Alignment

A simple, monthly balance test will ensure the door is not causing stress to the opener: First, with the door in the closed position, disconnect your garage door from the opener. Then, manually open and close the door, stopping in the middle a few times. The door should open smoothly, and stay in place when you let go. If the door falls closed or retracts back open, call a professional to have it rebalanced.

Test the Safety Reversal System

The reversal system is connected to the garage door opener, so you’ll need to hook it back up for this one. This system opens the garage door back up if it encounters an obstacle or the sensor detects an obstruction. If any part of this important safety system fails, call a technician for repairs right away.

For the first test, put a brick or a wood block on the ground under the door. Then, close the door. If the system is working correctly, the door will reverse as soon as it touches the brick or wood block.

Next, test the safety reversing sensors. They’re located on either side of the garage door, just a few inches off the floor, and an infrared signal runs between them. Close the garage door and wave a stick or broom handle in front of one of the sensors as the door comes down. This should cause the door to reverse back up.

Once a Year

Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricating the door springs, chains, rollers and hinges keeps them in good condition, preventing major problems. First wipe away any dirt or cobwebs that have accumulated. Then apply lithium grease on the opener’s chain or screw, and a spray lubricant on the springs, rollers and hinges.

Check Your Weather Stripping

Check the seal, or weather stripping, along the bottom of your garage door for crumbling and rotting. If it’s not in good condition, replace with new material.

Once Every 3 or 4 Years

Lubricate opener rail

Re-lubricate the garage door opener rail. Using a clean rag, wipe away existing lubrication from the center rail and reapply a small layer of white lithium based grease.

While basic maintenance and testing can be completed by the average homeowner, garage door repairs are best left to the professionals. Call Dan’s Garage Door Company at (210) 708-9042. Our expert technicians have the training and expertise to safely get your door running smoothly again.

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