1.How can I paint my garage door?

Start by getting the door nice and clean, using a good quality exterior latex paint *no oil-based paint*. Do not paint in between the sections unless they can allow time to dry to prevent pops when in use 

2.How would I be able to replace a section of my garage door?

This is a more difficult repair. Door manufacturers use their own stamps to make the doors. Make sure you have an exact match by finding the manufacturer. That information might be on the edge of the door near the track. Consult with an expert when in doubt. If two panels or more are damaged it would be best off to go for a full door replacement. 

3.When will I need garage door insulation?

Insulation serves two purposes, blocking heat and cold and also noise deadening. If their garage is not insulated itself, there won’t be much effect. Insulated options are more costly. 

4.How much money will I save by buying a cheap garage door?

90% of what they see has a cheaper option. Insulated doors would be close to double the cost. Torque master system – spring system. The springs only last about 4 to 7 years. most doors carry a 10,000 cycle. torsion springs would be ideal. the only people who can replace directly would be those working for the company themselves. Everyone else will do a conversion – 400-450 typically. 

5.Will I be able to use my smartphone to operate my garage door opener? 

You could so long as the opener has wi-fi built-in. 

6.Why do garage door openers just stop working? 

The first thing they need to do would be to look above the door and inspect the springs – if there is any damage they would want to call an expert. If the spring is not broken, you may be able to disconnect the opener and open the door manually until repairs can be made. 

Many people have locks on the door and try to open it while locked. Make sure to double-check that the door is unlocked prior to using the opener.

Extra note: If they are going to be on vacation and want to lock. They may have a button or switch to disengage it from the wall. 

7.What is a garage door seal?

Most garage doors have an exterior vinyl seal around the jamb edges, as well as a rubber seal on the bottom of the door to help keep out inclimate weather.

8.What licenses, insurances, and Bonds do you have?

The state of Texas doesn’t require you to be licensed, however, we are bonded and insured 

9.Who can help me repair my broken garage door spring after hours or help me with a garage door emergency? 

Depends on availability. If they can make the time they are happy to help. After hours and emergency service is offered (when available) by calling our office at: 509-859-6865

10.What garage door brands do you repair?

We can work on any brand of doors and openers. Openers are more limited as far as part replacements. Might have to replace the unit if the parts are unavailable. 

We repair and/or replace all brands of overhead sectional garage doors, as well as the vast majority of rolling steel. Some examples include: Clopay, Northwest Door, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Windsor, CHI, Midland, Door Link, Unique, and many others.

11.Why is my garage door so loud? 

Reach out and get service — there are many moving parts that need to be maintained. Hinges, bearing, etc. Metal rollers are also a cause of noise. Door openers can also be noisy, especially chain drives. If they are looking for more silent options a belt drive opener. 

12.What is wrong with my garage door if it doesn’t open?

The most common problem on a garage door is spring failure. If your garage door won’t open, even after pulling the red emergency release rope, you may have a broken spring.

13.What garage door opener services do you perform?

We maintain, repair and replace all major garage door operator brands, as well as provide accessories such as remotes and keyless entry.

14.What services do you do on your first visit?

Our service includes an on-site 21-point safety inspection as well as a written recommendation or estimate for repair/replacement costs.

15.What parts do you have to replace garage door systems?

Our service trucks are fully stocked with common replacement parts such as: Torsion springs, bearings, cables, drums, rollers, hinges, etc.

16.What garage door maintenance services do you offer?

Commercial/Industrial annual maintenance contracts and residential service include lubrication and tune-up of moving parts as well as minor adjustments to hardware.

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